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HR Analytics at Wells Fargo – Project that won KPI Partners the Specialized Partner of the Year Award for BI and EPM

I’m very pleased to announce that the project I bled and sweated over for nearly a whole year has won KPI Partners the coveted Oracle Excellence Award for North American Specialized Partner of the Year in BI & EPM (formerly know as the Titan Award).


I led the KPI Partners team implementing HR Analytics from a PeopleSoft system for Wells Fargo, the worlds largest bank by Market Capitalization, with 300,000 employees and contractors.  This is the largest footprint of HR Analytics in the world to date, both in terms of data volume and their ultimate # users planned- all 40,000 managers in the company!

Although the project was a difficult challenge, we were able to implement a BI solution the way I believe it should be implemented.  A few key highlights below.  For more information, please see the presentation HR Analytics at Wells Fargo from this year’s Oracle Open World, or KPI’s own page on the award.

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2 Presentations @ Oracle Open World next week

I have two speaking slots next week at OOW in San Francisco – If you are there come by and see me – I don’t want to bring my suit up there for nothing!

The first one is the preso I’ve been giving this year on the Performance Layer for the BI Apps and custom solutions.  Its part of an all day set of OBI sessions hosted by ODTUG on Sunday.  My slot for UGF001 is at 2:20pm in Moscone West – Room 2007.  It’s targeted towards architects but also managers who are looking for performance improvement options.

The second one is a new one, a case study for the world’s largest HR Analytics implementation I did a while back at Wells Fargo.  There are a few key take-aways from the session, but in general its geared for customers considering purchasing and implementing HR Analytics.  There is a sweet extra item about this project I cannot reveal this week, but rest assured it’ll be in the preso!  The slot for CON5792 unfortunately is about the worst one possible – Thursday at 3:30 pm, Moscone South Room #302.  I hope people haven’t left SF by then…


Jeff M.

BI Apps / Performance Layer Preso

This is my presentation from last week’s Rittman-Mead BI Forum in Atlanta.  Incidentally it happens to be the same topic (similar slides) to the KPI Partners webinar from April and what I gave in Denver at Collaborate also in April.  The webinar has been recorded, so you can hear my commentary and the QA session afterwards.  If you get the chance, I’ll be doing the same preso at Kscope in New Orelans next month.  Enjoy!


KPI Partners Blog

I wanted to mention my company KPI Partners’ blog site at  Several of my collegues post articles there on a variety of topics in their expertise, plus its used as a vehicle for announcing a heavy does of webinars.  In fact, I’m giving my BI Apps Performance Layer talk on Wed April 24th.

Please stop by and check it out, or even better yet – subscribe.

Jeff M.



Testing Presentation from the 2013 BIWA Summit

I thought I’d post my presentation on QA (testing) that I delivered this week at the BIWA Summit near Oracle HQ in California. The preso is based off of the recent QA posts I did, with a bit more silly graphics on top of it.  The one take away from the preso is that some people prefer the term testing as opposed to QA.  Good to know.  Anyway, enjoy!

KPI Run Your QA Cycles More Effectively

BTW, the event focused heavily on the future of BI and Data Warehousing.  Essentially, whatever we are doing now is going to radically change to include many new types of data from different places and sources, plus what kinds of analysis we do will also be greatly enhanced.  OBI is layering on top of a whole plethora of Oracle’s Analytical technologies, including: Essbase, EPM, HCM, OLAP, RTD,  Endeca and R.  The OBI server or UI will have hooks into just about everything you can think of, making some advanced capabilities available to dashboard users.  We’ll see how it actually plays out, but in the future some pretty heavy stuff will be available in the dashboard.

Next up is a presentation on Performance Tuning the BI Apps which I’ll be delivering at KScope in June in New Orleans and Collaborate in April in Denver.


Presenting QA at the BIWA Summit this week

I’ll be presenting at the Oracle BIWA Summit on Thursday of this week in Redwood Shores CA near Oracle HQ.  I’ll be discussing boring old QA.  The presentation is based on the articles I recently did below on QA.  Not sure how this will go over as this preso is less technical than a lot of the other content.  However, in my opinion it is very useful stuff to know – everyone needs to go through a QA cycle, right?

Anyway, stop by and bug me if you like.


That Wonderful Time of Year – Oracle Open World

The fall means lots of things to lots of people.  To me it means baseball playoffs, football and Oracle Open World.  I’m not presenting this year – I was just too swamped on a long project to put anything together, so I’ll just enjoy some of the sessions.  I’m going to be heavy on the performance stuff, whether its database features, Exadata and of course Exalytics.  In any event, I’ll spend some time with my KPI Partners colleagues at the booth in Moscone South, @2315.  Hope to see some of you there!



OOW MetaData Presentation Sunday @ 3pm

As part of the Sunday ODTUG OBI day, I’m presenting on Advanced Metadata topics.  This is the same presentation I gave at the Rittman-Mead forum in April of this year.  Its useful if you’ve been working on OBI for a while and are starting to feel comfortable with modeling the basics.  I’ll cover the following topics:

•Combo Tables•
•Make Dims & Facts Reach
•Non-Conformed Dimensions
•Canonical Time
•Selecting a Logical Table Source
•Controlling Join Paths
I cover both OBI 10g and 11g.  Come on out and stop by Moscone West, room 2011 at 3pm!
Update:  Here is the preso.  Enjoy!

Link to OBI Performance Webinar is Up

KPI Partners just posted my Webinar on High Performance BI.  Its free to watch, so take a look.  Or if you prefer, here is the slide deck called Planning for High Performance OBI – June 2011. Comment on this blog as opposed you YouTube if you want me to respond! – Jeff M.