Monthly Archives: October 2010

OOW Presos

I’ve posted the two presentations that I gave at OOW here.  Note that both are also on the OOW website, and the Qualcomm preso also has audio from the actual session.

The first one is one I’ve given a few times now – its about the basics for planning to get good performance from day 1.  It is not a detailed dive into performance tuning activities but rather things to look out for when you are doing your designs.

Planning for High Performance OBI – OOW 2010


The second one is a case study on my current project which I am leading at Qualcomm.  It discusses the typical attributes of a project, including the team structure, timelines, challenges, lessons learned, best practices used, etc.  The project is interesting in that the resulting system will be not only a revenue generator for Qualcomm, but will also help improve sales on their other applications.  In fact shortly after go-live, Qualcomm grabbed a new customer for several of their applications.

From a technical perspective, the interesting item here is the use of real-time data capture software, Informatica CDC.

This presentation was given by myself and Jon Kula, the Qualcomm Project Architect.

Sales Growth at Qualcomm with OBIEE – OOW 2010