Link to OBI Performance Webinar is Up

KPI Partners just posted my Webinar on High Performance BI.  Its free to watch, so take a look.  Or if you prefer, here is the slide deck called Planning for High Performance OBI – June 2011. Comment on this blog as opposed you YouTube if you want me to respond! – Jeff M.



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  1. Hi Jeff,
    As usual, this is very valuable presentation/content. I feel the PPTs you post (out of your presentations at various events) on your website (Not your direct articles on your blog) are generally very specific to the point and might well received by the experts but the beginners may look for some elaborate content. On the other hand, the you tube Webinar is really good with your narrations, which makes us feel like attending a university class from a great professor. More importantly the question and answers session is excellent. It would be great if you can point each of your presentations to the corresponding recording either on your blog/ You Tube / Event’s website. I am specifically interested in the ‘Advanced MetaData Topics’ recording.


  2. Jeff McQuigg

    Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t done too many on YouTube yet (only 1 really), but more are coming from KPI. I think we might even get some beginner topics in there as well!

  3. Thanks Jeff. i request you to share more and more of your Financial Analytic real word experience on your blog. The last post on Financial analytics is too good. i am specifically looking for the following aspects of financial analytics

    1.What r the common customizations requirements which r not met by OOTB Financial anlytics?
    2.What r the major/minor changes to OOTB solution(DM/Repository/Dashboards) that produce very valuable information for the client ex: in u r last post you wrote about changing from Snowflake to star schema by making some changes in the fact to add wids etc
    3.Whats the best approach /methodology to implement financial analytics with customization? i know the following one
    a.Install , configure load ootb solution
    b.conduct user meeting and let them use the ootb system
    c. gather requirements for customization
    d. design and development of complete solution


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