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Informatica CDC for Real Time Data Capture

Thanks to my colleague Sobhan Surapaneni for helping me out with some of the details of CDC.  Sobhan was the guy who made it all happen on the project and really knows this stuff cold.


Traditional Data Warehousing and BI systems rely on batch data extraction and load routines (ETL or ELT) to acquire their data from sources.  Depending on data timeliness needs, this may work for intervals down to perhaps one hour for small data sets.  However as data timeliness needs go below what is reasonable with a batch process, a complete shift in technology is required.  There are tools out there that acquire data in a “real-time” manner directly from the database log files and send individual transactions out over the wire to a target database.

This post is about Informatica’s CDC product, but the lessons and the manner in which it works are similar for another popular product called Golden Gate from Oracle.  Note the name Change Data Capture is not the best; this really is more about a real-time solution as any DW has to implement change data capture as part of its Data Acquisition approach. Read the rest of this entry