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Presenting at Rittman-Mead Forum in Atlanta this May

Just a quick note –

I’ll be presenting this year at Rittman-Mead’s first US based forum.  This year its in Atlanta May 26th-27th.   There will be a whole host of different speakers there – I’m looking forward to attending all of the sessions.

One cool thing about this forum is that it is designed for architects and developers who’ve been using OBI for a while.  That means no marketing or roadmap fluff, and no intro to OBI sessions.

Space is limited so sign up now!


Jeff M.


Oracle’s Data Warehouse Reference Architecture

Last year Oracle published a white paper called “Enabling Pervasive BI Through a practical Data Warehouse Reference Architecture”.  I took a read through this paper and have some comments on it  (so maybe this is a book report).  For your convenience, I’ve uploaded a copy of it here Oracle DW Reference Architecture Feb 2010.  I also believe the architecture is a little vague (on purpose I suppose).  Depending on how you look at it, you might be looking at how the BI Apps are Architected, or you might be looking at how a real-time Enterprise Data Warehouse is built. Read the rest of this entry