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I’ve been in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence space as a consultant for over 20 years covering a variety of platforms, industries and functional areas.  During these years I’ve performed just about every role on a BI or DW project, ranging from ETL Designer & Developer, DBA, BI Tool Expert, Requirements Analyst, Dimensional Modeler, Technical Architect, and Project Manager.  The last decade or so of my career has been focused on OBI projects, both BI Apps and Custom solutions.  My Oracle BI project delivery experience is extensive, covering over 50+ projects in some capacity or another since 2002 when I joined Siebel’s Consulting organization.

I was the first Oracle BI Ace in North America, and more recently I lead a project which won Oracle’s Excellence Award for an implementation of HR Analytics at Wells Fargo.  The last several years I have been working with KPI Partners which has afforded me the opportunity to speak at a variety of engagements and conferences, including Oracle Open World, Collaborate, ODTUG K-Scope, Rittman-Mead and others.  I tend to post the presentations on this blog so keep an eye out for them.

Unlike many others in the space, my focus is not on the latest flashy piece of technology of the week.  I tend to focus on doing the traditional aspects of BI and BI projects properly and efficiently.  I write about Best Practices and why they are best practices as opposed to how to guides, news or bleeding edge technology.

The articles that I have on this blog, even the old ones from 2007, still apply even today.  They tend to be focused on the core of what most implementations have to do .  Take a read through the old ones – there is a good chance they still apply to your project!

Jeff M.

  1. Jeff – One of my developers came across your article. Great information. We are using Informatica heavily here for web services and ETL. We are just know exploring CDC with both Oracle and Salesforce. Would love to catch up with you.


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