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What Not to do on a BI Project Series – #1 UI Replacement Projects

With so much effort put on what you should be doping on a BI project, I thought I’d take the opposing tact and talk about some of the things you should really try to avoid doing.  So I’m going to be putting together a series of posts on this topic, taken from presentations I’ve delivered such as “The 7 Deadly Sins of BI”.  These will be some of the more common ones that I’ve experienced over the years implementing OBI projects – ones that I run across all too often.  As such it is far from an exhaustive list – I’m sure in the comments section you can add a few of your own!  Plus, some of the topics you may disagree with, so let me have it. Read the rest of this entry


Using Report Specs for Requirements

Originally posted 7/07

Time and time again BI Consultants are asked to come in and migrate some reports from one tool into Oracle BI.  Find out why using a modern BI tool for a simple UI replacement project is akin to hiring a Ninja to trim your hedges. Read the rest of this entry