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Build Your Own Time Hierarchy

Every single BI system has a time/date/period/calendar hierarchy in it. If you use the BI Apps, it actually comes with 2 different tables for this purpose alone, along with a ton of OOB capability. However, when you are faced with a pure custom system from scratch, how do you build one? What does it look like? What sort of data should it have in it?

I’m going to lay out what a decent Time Hierarchy looks like from an OBI and data model perspective. From there I’ll then demonstrate how to actually build one yourself instead of relying on complex code. Along the way we’ll mix in some best practices and theory as well.

Your mileage may vary depending on the specifics of your system, but my goal is to make the design and building of your hierarchy take only 3 hours and last the lifetime of your project (or career). Read the rest of this entry


Modeling Header & Details

Originally posted 3/16/2007

A common question I hear is about how to model & configure a Header-Detail scenario.  By saying header-details, we are referring to a transaction that is split over more than one granularity.  This is common modeling scenario such as Order & Order Line Item, Invoice & Invoice Detail, Agreement & Agreement Line Item, etc. Read the rest of this entry