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Bad BI Form

If you read Stephen Few’s work on BI Dashboards and visualization, you’ll recall that he says charts that rely on people to compare areas are not well suited to humans as we have trouble making the comparison.  Circles are especially bad, and forget about fancy donut (circles with a hole) shaped charts.

BI charts bad

This image is a perfect example of that.  Can you really compare the big circle with the others, or even the others to each other?  See how easy it is in the vertical bar comparison?  Keep this in mind when dealing with comparisons using area based visuals.





What Not to do on a BI Project Series – #2 – Implement Reactive Projects

Is your BI team having trouble keeping its head above water due to a deluge of business requests for newer features and functionality?  Spend all of your time reacting to an endless stream of small requests with short timelines and little time for the big picture?  Then you are most likely in a reactionary mode playing defense against your business users.  Defenses usually don’t score points in most games – you need to get on offense! Read the rest of this entry

The Importance of Naming Standards

Originally posted 5/2/2007

Ah, Naming Standards.  IT loves to talk about naming standards, particularly when they’re talking about databases or code modules.  In such a world, naming standards allow other developers to more quickly pick up on a piece of code or a database design and be productive understanding it more quickly.  They can also help yourself out, after you revisit a piece of old code or database that you worked on 3 years ago.  Read the rest of this entry